Group exhibition Ecotope at Gävle Konstcentrum, Gävle

This is a map of an estimated cloud, but also of a defined tragedy. The traces of the tragedy cannot be seen or smelled. On earth these traces will exist for hundreds of years. Only time will curb the toxicity. The cloud, that will occur during the exhibition, is transformed from one media into another by using a simulation made in 2005 by the French Institut IRSN. It shows the atmospheric release of caesium-137 from the Chernobyl accident between April 26th and May 10th, 1986.

The lines on the map track the development of the event. The machine helps to decode it by scaling it down to the size of an old historical map of Europe and performs the development of the cloud during the time of the exhibition. Depending on when you see the exhibition, you will experience the cloud stopping at the borders of Europe and the end of the map. In reality the cloud continued to spread, and some detectable radiation spread throughout the planet.


Polargraph, paper, pen, wood plate, wire, bulldog clams
129 x 2,9 cm