Bee Human 

Group exhibition Island Life at the Water Tower, Skeppesholmen, Stockholm

Bee Human is a work that uses the circular interior of the water tower as a whispering gallery. The sound travels around the concave surface creating an acoustic phenomenon within the space. I have recorded my own voice whispering ‘Eros and the Bees’, an ancient Greek poem by Anacreon, among other texts. The sound moves in different directions, traveling around the circumference, clinging to the walls. Recordings of bees intermingle with the voices and builds up in intensity. I am interested in the fact that the forms and patterns in nature are often based on economic principles, building the strongest constructions with a minimum of material. Seen from the outside, the hexagonal brick structure of the building echoe the hexagonal structure of honeycombs and chime with the beehives that can be seen on a hill nearby. The space becomes whole, whispering hidden codes of matter and size.

Photo: Eliska Kovacikova

Bee Human

4 Speakers
10 min