Half full, Half empty

Group exhibition Tunnel Vision at Tysta Marigången, Stockholm (link)

Drop by drop, two twin-like containers, called The Cup of Pythagoras aka The Greedy cup are filled with water. The peristaltic pumps fill the cups through the silicone tubes from the organ resembling container on the floor. When the water is filled to the tipp the entire content will be drained through the base. “Half full, Half empty” acts as two bodies of time and water in a loop of rewind and replay of dependence and duplicity. A life supporting system, an interdependence between greed and gift.

Half full, Half empty

Borosilicate glass Pythagorean cup’s (greedy cup), manufactured by Victor Möllare, Labglas
Steel, Silicone hose, hose connectors, Arduino’s, peristaltic pumps, wires, wire clips, silicone containers, water.

Exhale, and inhale it again

3D-animation of a CT scan of a human lung, HD videowithout sound.

14:00 min