The base of the neck to a few inches above the navel

Supermarket Art Fair at Stadsgårdsterminalen, Stockholm 

At Supermarket 2023 Detroit Stockholm presents the Danish artist Christine Dahl Helweg-Larsen and Slovakian artist Eliska Kovacikova in a collaborative exhibition, where the construction of a ribcage has been a point of departure. Through combining a site-specific installation, a sculptural object and a video work, wood, glass and silicone become united in their shadows. In Supermarket, Dahl shows two works that dwell on the encounter between the sense of breath and devices used in hospitals and laboratorical environments. The use of technologies such as a CT-scanner have made the body ´transparent` both to medical science and to patients themselves. Conversely, somatic practices can be used as a tool to slow down and feel - a tool to go into the breath and release of tension. On the wall a structure reminiscent of a rib cage hangs, consisting of individual melted borosilicate glass with metal and silicone modules. Dahl’s video is made of a 2D image slice from the negative space in a lung, converted into a 3D animated landscape. Both of her works oscillate between seeing and sensing, fragility and strength, the inside and the outside and the separate and an entirety.

The base of the neck to a few inches above the navel

Borosilicate glass tubes, silicone modules and metal, 50 x 65 x 50 cm

Exhale, and inhale it again

3D-animation of a CT scan of a human lung, HD video, stereo sound and Digital Display.
Breathwork: Johanna Primavera & Cornelia Andersson
07:37 min, loop