Smälta, smälta, smälta, a strange lament for the irretrievable part II

Group exhibition Vargtimmen at Konstakademin, Stockholm 

The CT scanner scans the body horizontally, shooting narrow X-ray beams through the body to make a 2D image slice of a patient. A peristaltic pump, pumps a variety of fluids and is mainly used in biological systems such as the gastrointestinal tract. It is a controlled environment to separate, collect, and depict what humans are unable to see with the naked eye. These technological devices have become a standard of how humans repair and experience biology and ecology. However there are other experiences that bring one back to the physical and bodily awareness such as pausing, listening, connecting, and breathing. This can lead to a way of observing one’s surroundings slightly differently. A way of sensing the strangeness of reality, like perceiving our relation to technological developments and its social and ecological costs. To know that there is no way to separate, collect, and depict what in reality is entangled and complex, like air and water.

There are glass containers on the floor and hanging on the walls, and tubes, water circulating and there are piezo microphones, wires, speakers and silicone. Two dual systems of circulation. The outside is turned inside, like crystalline guts. Small air bubbles pass the microphones, leaking sound out into the space. At intervals, the peristaltic pumps fill the Pythagorean cups to the tip, then the entire content is drained through the base. Non-human sounds intermingle with the sounds of human breath and movements, both in a video work and during the exhibition in a performance.

Photo: Jean-Baptise Béranger

Smälta, smälta, smälta, a strange lament for the irretrievable

Borosilicate glass tubes, silicone modules with iron skeleton, silicone containers, water pumps, silicone tubes, wires, piezo microphones, guitar pedals, speakers, amplifier & water.
Glass system 200 x 200 x 17 cm, Dimensions variable

Half full, Half empty

Borosilicate glass Pythagorean cup’s (greedy cup), manufactured by Victor Möllare, Labglas
Steel, Silicone hose, hose connectors, Arduino’s, peristaltic pumps, wires, wire clips, silicone containers, water.

Exhale, and inhale it again

3D-animation of a CT scan of a human lung, HD video and stereo sound.
Breathwork: Johanna Primavera & Cornelia Andersson

14:00 min

Exhale, and inhale it again II

Concept and direction by Christine Dahl Helweg-Larsen, Movement material and choreographic input in collaboration with Johanna Primavera & Cornelia Andersson, Makeup and hair concept by Sophie Rockwell. 
20:00 min duration